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We run a Star Trek PBB R16+ sim for gritty content and good character development.

The Merrimack is an Excelsior-refit Cruiser assigned to Task Force Seventy-Two, set against the backdrop of a sector in conflict, and a enigmatic adversary known as the Breen. Practically ancient in her design yet still relevant in her capacity as an Exploratory Cruiser, the Merrimack has built up a reputation of negotiating the peace through diplomacy or battle. Now commanded by the Zakdorn Professor, Ashrak Kolrami and his senior officers, the Merrimack sails for action in the Alpha Quadrant, ready for whatever the fates may throw their way.


Current News


  • 31MAR2012: Due to the Schism of Bravo Fleet, the Merrimack simm has moved on to Alpha Fleet. The ship itself has been retired in the story, but the crew and their adventures live on as the Ark Royal, an Insignia-class Multirole Cruiser now serving in the Beta Quadrant. If any should wish to inquire please find us at StarTrekGenesis.net or email the Captain at Koenigsritter@live.com.


  • 20DEC2011: As the holidays approach, the Simm of the USS Merrimack is on Holiday Leave and will resume regular posting come January of 2012. We also plan on unveiling a new website and forum. Please return for a new beginning to an old ship. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year's!


  • 28NOV2011: As Part One of Master and Commander draws to a close, the Merrimack begins the next phase of her mission in Part Two: Sic Semper Tyrannis. The Merrimack finds her counterpart the Virginia in the torrent of the Interphasic Rift, amidst the violent action with the Breen.
  • 28NOV2011: The Merrimack sadly regrets the departure of Lieutenant Jay Whest.
  • 13NOV2011: Task Force Seventy-Two welcomes Rear Admiral Victoria Kern as its new Task Force Commander.
  • 13NOV2011: The Merrimack is joined by Lieutenant Commander Nelson Archibald Harrison. Welcome Aboard!
  • 11NOV2011: The Merrimack wishes all a peaceful day, this Armistice Day. Lest we forget...


  • 17OCT2011: Ashrak Kolrami has been promoted to Commodore and Task Force Executive Officer to Task Force 72.


  • 27SEP2011: The Merrimack is joined by Warrant Officer Clayton Pruitt as Chief of Operations. Welcome Aboard!
  • 10SEP2011: Lieutenant Commander Talla Merovi has been awarded the Bravo Fleet Starfleet Letter of Commendation.


  • 23AUG2011: Captain Ashrak Kolrami has been awarded the Bravo Fleet Commendation of Excellence.
  • 21AUG2011: Crew Awards were given to those who completed missions and served long durations with the Merrimack.
  • 15AUG2011: A new mission named "Master and Commander: Part One - We Motley Few" has started. This brings the Merrimack in harm's way, escorting freighters to the far away Delphian Cluster through Breen-patrolled space. What perils wait in store for the merry crew of the 'Mack?
  • 12AUG2011: The Merrimack is joined by Lieutenant Jay Whest as Chief of Security and Tactical. Welcome aboard!
  • 10AUG2011: The Merrimack is joined by Lieutenant Junior Grade Dara Enaren as Chief Counselor. Welcome aboard!
  • 08AUG2011: The Merrimack sadly regrets the departure of Chief Petty Officer Jack Moshima and Lieutenant Junior Grade Maltep.


  • 22JUL2011: The Merrimack sadly regrets the departure of Chief Petty Officer S'Drex.


  • 20JUN2011: The Merrimack is joined by Lieutenant Junior Grade Maltep as Chief Intelligence Officer. Welcome aboard!
  • 14JUN2011: The Merrimack sadly regrets the departure of Lieutenant Jennifer Jay Brown.
  • 05JUN2011: The USS Merrimack has been transferred to Task Group Antares as Task Group Flagship.
  • 05JUN2011: Ashrak Kolrami has been promoted to Captain and Task Group Commanding Officer to Task Group Antares.
  • 04JUN2011: Commander Ashrak Kolrami has been awarded the Bravo Fleet Medal of Achievement.

What is this Sim called the Merrimack?

The USS Merrimack is simply a stage set against the backdrop of the Star Trek Universe circa 2386, over a decade after the end of the Dominion War and seven years after the events in Star Trek Nemesis. This ship has been in Bravo Fleet for several years and this particular incarnation of it has just passed its two year mark. To paraphrase a great line, we are a group of Star Trek fans that enjoy putting ourselves in the characters we have created and to go out to explore strange worlds, to seek out new friends and old enemies, and to boldly go where no other writer has ever gone before.

We work together to create situations that our characters can intermingle in, sometimes with tragic, sometimes with stellar results. They laugh, cry, fight, fall in love and sometimes die out here in the Frontier, thousands of light years away from Earth and the other Core Worlds. And that's the fun of it.

Sail with us. Enlist with the USS Merrimack here.

USS Merrimack is a 16+ Simm, meaning more mature content is exhibited in this Simm than most of the rest of Bravo Fleet and we ask that you be over the age of 16 to join. I want to encourage drama, grittiness and trauma content in this Simm due to the close quarters and forced relationships in smaller confines of a space vessel. Not to mention the potential violence that might be encountered in some time periods. This does not give free reign to write overly descriptive violent or sensual scenes, though there may contain intensely suggestive dialogue, strong coarse (but not crude or bigoted) language, intense or persistent violence, and non‐explicit sexual situations.

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